We are working on a simple ticketing system to allow you to sell tickets for your events. Would you like to try it, please contact us. Our system can now generate QR codes at point of purchase, copies emailed to Users. At the venue the organisers can simply use a QR code reader to verify the ticket.

Setting up an event as Cart item is simple and ready to go in a few minutes.

Payers will receive a QR code on receipt of payment. You will be able to use a standard QR Code scanner to verify the ticket
Lets say you have a small event with 50 or a hundred people. Use your mobile phone as a QR code scanner to verify the users ticket.

In fact there is no limit to the number of users that can attend. You just need to have enough staff to be able to handle the footfall.

Our backend system will make it easy for you to determine duplicate and invalid tickets.

No need for your payment system to ask for addition 10-20% in fees. Our system maximum fee will be £0.25p. Stripe as always charge you a processing fee (which is less than PayPal fees)