Cart Items

From your Eazy-Site administration portal you will see a menu option on the left CART.

You can create an entry of items(s) you wish to sell. Our system is primarily aimed at selling a single item but can be used to sell multiple items.
We have sold many different things from our system and you can setup similar items too:

-- 60 Bottles of whisky
-- 88 Prints of a paricular item
-- 30 Set of mugs
-- 40 Sets of coasters
-- Live streamming access
-- Raffles

By advertising a payment link on your website, facebook and twitter pages allows you to reach out to a wide audience. Stripe simply handles the payment process.

Payments will be handled by Stripe and the informatuion will be recorded in our database system. This will allow a record of payments, fees and who has pruchased. There is also an option to mark items as Posted and Picked up, making it easier to help track and trace items (especially where you have large number of the same item)

A Raffle can be created which can be sold online but also offline using standard raffle paper tickets. The backend system can be set with a start Raffle Number and each user can easily be emailed with their own unique raffle numbers automatically calculated from the system.