We an collect payments online, either by Stripe or by Paypal. All payments will go direct to your accounts while we track each payment and email you the transaction details.

Stripe Card payments is our preferred mechanism. As with paypal, you setup your own account on Stripe. Once registered you supply us the security account details to integrate into our Stripe Payment function on our website.

This is a completely secure method with all transaction details handled safely and securely by Stripe itself. Thus removing the need to store secret data at our end.

Once setup you can quickly setup Cart items in our Admin section. That`s it you are ready to collect payments.

Charity Donations

Do you accept charity donations through a provider ?
Cut your costs by collecting the money yourself and at lower costs. For a £45.00 donation through that provider (2.9% + £0.25p) costs you £1,55.

For the same donation running through our platform will cost you (a Stripe fee) £0.83 + in some cases a service fee of £0.10 for our server).