Our new website FIFEpay has been setup to offer a mechanism to puchase one off items, collect donations or run a Raffle. A bit like a shopping cart site but simpler.

FIFEpay is now taking over 1,200 payments per month.
Why not join our rapidly growing platform and reduce your costs ?

Remember, ALL money collected through our platform goes direct to you, our job is to track and trace payments for your benefit.

We found that the clubs and groups needed a simple method for multiple people to purchasing a single item. Our CART allows a single item to be defined and a Stripe Card payment button and a Paypal payment button to be produced. These buttons can then go on your own website.

We track all payments through our MyClub website giving you the ability to monitor payments as they come in.

Does your Donation provider ask for an OPTIONAL fee for their expenses ? We DO NOT ask users for an optional fee ! Why is this, because all money raised through our platform goes direct to you, so we don`t need a fee.

If you look at our Shop link you will see an example of products that we sell. In most cases payment goes directly to the club/group that is selling the item. This is a much better method to ensure that club or group receives the money immediately.

Want to take card payments (without a card reader) at your location or when you are out and about. Use FIFEpay to help you do that, please contact us for information. Use a QR code for your customer and get instant notification when payment through. Please note the "Card Reader" is a foam-model with the QR Code stuck on . This gives users an easy way to pay !

Looking to sell tickets for an event, use our portal to easily set up and collect payments. Easy to track and trace. Low user fees, you receive the payments instantly. Put up posters with a QR code and direct users to the payment site.
Need a QR code for your purchases.
Here`s a sample for the Black Home and Red Away top prints sold by DAFC.net raising funds for the DAFC Youth Academy.
Click here to create your own QR code - for free !