Looking to run a Raffle

Do you wish to collect money online ?
FIFEpay can help with a simple and effective payment option.
Take Stripe payments without worrying about the users personal details.

DAFC.net run a very successful online raffle in December 2021.
Over 130 tickets were raised with a sum of over £1,300.

get in touch to find out more.

Looking to run a Raffle

Collect payments quickly an easily, get notified on each purchase. For a £5.00 purchase there is a Stripe fee of £0.27p. We think the fee is worth it to allow a wider audience and an easier payment mechanism. We have a simple track and trace facility with raffle number allocation included in our system. Paypal fees are dearer.

Our current raffle is again on DAFC.net DAFC.net Xmas Raffle 2023

Another online Raffle was run in December 2022. We had quite a number of items and raised £2.000 for The DAFC Youth Academy and DAFC Heritage trust. DAFC.net Xmas Raffle 2022

Manage a raffle in this way is very easy to track and trace users and their contact details.

FIFEpay is setup to collect payments in a simple and easy manner, hosting an event that needs payments - then get in touch !

As always all income received will go direct to you (we do not collect payments to our account and then later transfer to you - you get the income direct)

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