Looking to run a Raffle

Do you wish to collect money online ?
FIFEpay can help with a simple and effective payment option.
Take Stripe payments without worrying about the users personal details.

DAFC.net run a very successful online raffle in December 2021.
Over 130 tickets were raised with a sum of over £1,300.

get in touch to find out more.

Looking to run a Raffle

Collect payments quickly an easily, get notified on each purchase. For a £5.00 purchase there is a Stripe fee of £0.27p. We think the fee is worth it to allow a wider audience and an easier payment mechanism.

Another online Raffle was run in December 2022. We had quite a number of items and raised £2.000 for The DAFC Youth Academy and DAFC Heritage trust. DAFC.net Xmas Raffle 2022

Manage a raffle in this way is very easy to track and trace users and their contact details.

FIFEpay is setup to collect payments in a simple and easy manner, hosting an event that needs payments - then get in touch !

As always all income received will go direct to you (we do not collect payments to our account and then later transfer to you - you get the income direct)

  • link to DAFC.net Raffle